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Success Stories

Margaret E.

"Before I signed up, I had my doubts about how useful this service would be, but I still gave it a shot. I completed most of the daily challenges that they emailed me. When I was given a chance to interview on-site with Amazon, I did well on the coding challenges and, a few days after the interview, was offered the job! The daily emails I got from Daily Javascript prepared me well for the type of questions I was asked at the interview. I'm glad I signed up."

Michelle M.

"I graduated from a coding bootcamp and couldn't find a job at first. I tried for a long time and was beginning to think about giving up. I was seriously discouraged. I didn't have a background in CS. I was working full time at a coffee shop while I looked for a programming job, and I just thought, why am I even trying anymore. When I found this site, I signed up out of curiosity. As I started to work on the daily challenges, I began to get motivated again. I eventually did get a job doing front-end work, in part because the daily email challenges I was sent were similar to the types of questions I was asked during my interview. I want to thank Daily Javascript for this great service and for helping me get my current job."

Avinash K.

"I had been working as a programmer for a few years but I was ready for something new. I didn't have all day to study for technical interviews and when I found Daily JavaScript, I thought this was exactly what I needed. Good job!"

Sample Coding Challenge

Given a string, shift each letter in the string one character up, and return the new string. If the next character goes past 'z', come around to the letter 'a'.

For example:

"apple" = "bqqmf"

"zim" = "ajn"

Create a function called shiftLetterUp() that takes one parameter, a string, and returns the new string with shifted letters.


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